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Tile is often used for bathroom and kitchen flooring because it is the least susceptible type of flooring to experience water damage. Since water is often used in both the kitchen and the bathroom, tile is the best flooring choice. However, even tiles can experience water damage if they are not properly sealed. Tile can also experience water damage if they are loose or cracked. Maintaining the integrity of your tile flooring, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, is important to preventing water damage from occurring underneath your tile. Standing water can cause tile grout to deteriorate to the point that the adhesive and grout no longer can prevent water from seeping into the tile and to the flooring underneath. Loose tiles can allow water to also seep in and damage the subfloor, which can add up to expensive repairs.

How to Prevent Water Damage on Tiled Floors

Preventing your tiled floors from becoming water damaged is rather simple because you just need to perform routine maintenance. Routine maintenance for tile flooring mainly consists of caring for the grout and sealant. How well your tile was installed factors into how susceptible they will be to exposure to water. Grout that has been sealed will be more effective at repelling water, dirt, and debris. Sealant provides an extra layer of protection over the grout that helps keep it clean and dry. Grout that is not sealed can fade away quickly, which can lead to leaks. The easiest way to prevent water damage on tiled floors is to apply a sealant to the grout. Be sure to check on the status of the sealant to see if reapplication is needed, which is a possibility. Sealing is an inexpensive way to protect your grout and your subfloor from water damage.

How to Maintain Grout

Maintaining grout can be as simple as keeping it clean and dry. The best way to keep grout dry is to apply a topical sealant to repel moisture. Besides applying topical sealant, you can routinely clean the grout in your tiles with a gentle cleanser. A nylon bristled brush and the right concoction of household products is all it takes to keep your grout free of debris and dirt. Dirt, debris, and oils can seep into the grout in your tiles and cause them to deteriorate at a rapid rate. Since grout is porous, it will collect dirt and water that will lead to the development of mold and mildew. If your grout is not taken care of properly, it will fade away and allow water to reach the subflooring. Water damage under tile can go undetected for a long time, which only allows the damage to get worse.

Flooring Removal Mesa

If you need flooring removal in Mesa, contact our team at Floor Dozers. A floor that has experienced a lot of neglect may need to be removed completely. While floor removal is not an ideal option, it does give you the chance to start over with a fresh new flooring option.

Flooring Removal Mesa

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Flooring Removal Mesa

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