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The soil type of the state is causing several problems for commercial and residential homeowners. This type of soil is expansive and sinking due to the high ratio of smectite clay, which allows it to absorb water and expand. This expansion then affects the foundation of the property. Foundation complications can be worrisome to property owners as these problems could lead to accidents and significant structural damage. They may need the services of foundation repair in Kansas City sooner rather than later.

Foundation issues should be treated seriously. Some foundation issues could arise from the following factors, and your property may be more prone to foundation damage if:

  • Your structure settles on an expansive soil/clay
  • Your structure was built on improperly compacted soil
  • Your area is exposed to extreme seasonal changes
  • Leaks caused by poor drainage or plumbing
  • Tree roots grow near your structure

Property owners are, therefore, in need of experts that can help them with their foundation repair Kansas City.

What Should Be Done To Fix The Foundation

If you see any sign of your foundation sinking, cracking slabs, bowing walls, displaced moldings, uneven floors, or misaligned doors and windows, you might consider getting your foundation settled, repaired, and anchored. To avoid further damage, our experts at Arrow Foundation Repair in Kansas City can help you with the following:

  • Wall straightening- Excessive moisture can cause the soil to expand, which could then lead to your basement walls bowing. Too much pressure on the walls could eventually lead to cracks and your walls to lose strength. Your basement walls support the structure of your home, and wall straightening is recommended to put it back in place.
  • Wall anchoring- Galvanized anchors are buried out from your foundation walls to hold and support your basement walls in place. The anchors can be made adjustable (depending on the system used) to help straighten your basement wall over time.
  • Foundation Piering- A type of repair to keep the structure foundation from sinking further or keeping your foundation in place after it has been fixed. This repair requires attaching steel piers to the foundation of the structure.
  • Crawl space repair- This repair method covers and secures your wall from insects and critters, as well as keeping it moisture free, thus reducing the chance of growing molds and mildew. The process involves prepping and cleaning the area, installation of a vapor barrier to waterproof the area, adding a humidifier or interior drain tile or French drain, and a sump pump.

Arrow Foundation Repair: Quality Foundation Repair in Kansas City, MO

Get the most quality foundation repair in Kansas City with Arrow Foundation Repair. Over 20 years of delivering quality service, locally owned and operated, Arrow Foundation Repair ensures the best services, including insurance, licenses, and permits.

We at Arrow Foundation Repair believe that customers must be provided with an accurate and clear analysis of any foundation problem. We only use the latest technology to deliver our promise. Our A+ BBB rating assures you that you are only hiring experts and professionals giving you value for your money.

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Foundation & Drainage Experts

At Arrow Foundation Repair, we're not just the best company to call for foundation issues; we're also experts in the sector of repairing and installing French drain tile systems and gutters. Drainage problems are a leading cause of foundation issues and can lead to costly and complicated situations over time if left unaddressed. If your home has a drain system in place, but it hasn't been inspected in some time, there could be problems inside that prevent proper drainage when it rains. We can come out and determine whether your French drain tile requires a repair. If you or your guests frequently drive over or park close to your home's foundation, drainage pipes may have been crushed or damaged. A thorough inspection by our team can provide peace of mind.

Affordable Downspout Upgrades

Most homeowners are unaware that just having a gutter system in place is often not enough to prevent water from pooling around their home's foundation. Downspouts that only extend a couple of feet from your home can cause more harm than good. At Arrow Foundation Repair, we can install extended downspouts that protect your home from rainwater. Just as your French drain tile system works to whisk water from your home to a safer spot on your property, extended downspouts can offer the same protection. 

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