Gas stove installation Long Island

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Gas stove installation Long Island

If you want to have a new fireplace installed — or you’d like to replace an existing fireplace with a newer, and more efficient unit — Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace installs a wide range of quality Fireplaces in Long Island. We take pride in being one of the service companies for Gas fireplace installation in Long Island. Our fireplace technician can help you find the unit that’s right for your home. We can install your fireplace indoors or outdoors. 

Turn To Us For Gas Stove Installation Long Island

When the temperature is cold in Long Island is, you depend on your fireplace to keep your home warm. While fireplaces are very durable, they’re also susceptible to problems. Fortunately, if the need fireplace repair and installation service, Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace is only a call away! We offer the best fireplace services in Long Island, NY. Our experts are trained to repair and install any gas fireplace.

We also offer maintenance services to prevent problems from occurring in the future. From conducting a safety inspection to thoroughly cleaning your fireplace, our fireplace service is designed to provide your unit with the attention it needs. This ensures safer operation and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

We Don’t Just Install And Service Fireplace in Long Island; We Also Sell Them

At Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace, we’re proud to offer our clients in Long Island the best gas, woodburning, and stoves fireplaces. Each fireplace we sell comes with a limited warranty and is designed to be attractive and efficient. The fireplace we sell and install will enhance your home and make life more enjoyable and relaxing.

Our Promise To Customers

When you start working with Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace, you can expect superior service and dependable products. We offer you the units that we believe are the best, considering style, quality, and warranty. When we install a fireplace, we honor all manufacturer warranties and perform any required service work. We buy fireplaces from some of the leading manufacturers, and whichever option you choose, you rest assured that your home will be warm throughout the coldest months. 

When you buy a fireplace from us and have our technicians install the unit, we’ll teach you how to operate the fireplace and make sure that you’re happy every step of the way. Our goal is to make sure that you are equipped with safe and efficient heating appliances. 

Let Us Help You

If you live in Long Island or the surrounding area and are interested in installing a fireplace in your home, Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace is here for you. We have over 40 years of experience in the fireplace industry, which means we sell and install the best fireplace for your home. Contact us today to get expert advice from our expert.

If you need repairs to an existing unit, or you’re interested in a new stove fireplace, call Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace at (631) 242-2733 for the best quality fireplace and chimneys.

Gas stove installation Long Island

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Gas stove installation Long Island

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