gutter installation Houston tx

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gutter installation Houston tx

If you’re trying to install new gutters for your home or commercial property in Texas, look no further than Stephen’s Painting & Gutters. Our company boasts of over ten years of experience and over 1,500 happy customers. We carry out painting, exterior carpentry, and gutter installation in Houston, TX.

When to get new gutters

It is easy to overlook gutters among the many other things you need in a home improvement project. Trust us, you will understand their value when they stop working! The most obvious sign that you need new gutters when they have consistent leaks. If the cracks are small, you can cover them up using plastic cement. For more extensive damages, you might need to purchase new ones.

Another visible sign is if you notice an uneven gutter line with sagging in a few places. Sagging is usually due to disproportionately large stresses acting on your gutter system, and this will only get worse with time until it finally breaks. Corrosion is also a warning to replace your gutter system, where you will notice orange-brown spots in some sections of your steel gutter.

Damaged or leaking gutters will also cause water to pool near the base of your home after heavy precipitation. Water should pour away from the downspouts. If it pools behind them, too close to the foundation, it means there’s a major leak in your gutter system. You should not wait to fix this problem because excessive water can significantly damage the structural integrity of your foundation and the exteriors of your house.

How to choose a professional gutter installation company

There are many excellent gutter installation companies out there, and the choice is overwhelming. To narrow it down, select gutter installers around your area, as they would know which materials to use for the climate of your area. If you’re looking for gutter installation in Houston, TX, contact us.

The next important thing to consider is their extent of experience in gutter installation. A good company should be able to give you several referees who are past clients and have the relevant licensing or credentials to install gutters. You want the installation to be in professional hands, as improper installation can devalue your home and result in costlier repairs in the future.

What materials should I choose for my gutters?

Gutters consist of several metals, such as steel, aluminum, and copper. If you’re unsure of the material, we can help you decide the material that best fits your requirements. If your area experiences heavy precipitation and extreme weather changes, you’ll need a reliable, robust, and durable material.

You should also weigh the cost against functionality. Copper and aluminum are generally the cheaper options, with copper being more durable. Aluminum ones require more maintenance and corrode quickly.

Are you looking for professional contractors for gutter installation in Houston, TX? Contact us, at Stephen’s Painting & Gutters, and we will give you a comprehensive estimate. Our professionals are ready for any scenario.

gutter installation Houston tx

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