Soapstone Counters Chicago

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Soapstone Counters Chicago

Sprovierie, one of the best soapstone countertops in Chicago, is a company you can trust your investment with if you choose to purchase Soapstone. Let us be your guide on what soapstone counters are all about.

Makeup of Soapstone

Soapstone is a mineral that is referred to as steatite. The mineral was given the name soapstone because it consists of at least 50 percent talc, giving it an impression comparable to soap.

The remainder of the stone, including magnetite, is formed from several other minerals. It is a natural stone extracted just like marble or granite from the earth. Soapstone, which is very high in talc, is mild and is frequently utilized by artists and sculptors.

Stone is a bit harder with a lower talc content and can serve the purposes for creating countertops, window sills, and sinks. Like any of the countertop materials, Soapstone has benefits and drawbacks that need to be weighed before installation. 

Why You Should Choose Soapstone

  • Soapstone, unlike granite, is not porous, so it does not stain or harbor bacteria, making it one of the easiest countertops to clean.
  • Soapstone is extremely long-lasting. Today, there are still some soapstone sinks and countertops produced in the 1800s in use. You can repair soapstone with ease, unlike marble or granite. Many soapstone countertops near Chicago can fix it for you, but you can always rely on us; we make some of the best counters in Chicago, IL.
  • It is more flexible and crack-resistant when compared to any other countertop material. This is as a result of it being a soft stone.
  • Soapstone also has an excellent heat resistance feature. You can place a hot pan straight on a soapstone countertop. The environmentally-conscious green construction material appreciates Soapstone—it is entirely 100 percent recyclable and chemical-free.

Watch Out For This

The soft surface of Soapstone puts the counter at risk of damages from dropped glasses, even though the softness of Soapstone makes it resistant to cracking and less brittle. It is also imperative to choose Soapstone with a smooth and even finish when selecting Soapstone for the countertop. 

You will also notice limited choices when selecting colors. Soapstone countertops come in different gray shades, some shades have a blue tint while others look greener.

With time, the stone becomes darker, which requires regular treatment with the use of mineral oil to ensure that it darkens uniformly. Oiling also enables watermarks to be eliminated. 

Be conscious that soapstone counters can be expensive to install if you are remodeling on a tight budget. Given the durability of Soapstone, the cost of installation is a sensible investment.

Looking for the best stone countertops for sale in Chicago, Illinois? Sprovierie is always at your service. But, you can always count on countertop fabricators to save you from all the stress. At Sprovierie, our installation is easy, smooth and our price is reasonable; we put our customers’ budget as our top priority. Contact  Sprovierie’s Custom Counters: 630-543-3400 today! 


Soapstone Counters Chicago

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